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Want to win $100 for submitting interesting news content? Entering our exclusive, members-only contest is simple. All you need to do is download Deb8o, create an account, then submit your news story (and why it’s important).

If your post gains the most unique monthly audio responses, we’ll send you $100. It’s that simple!

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When you join Deb8o, you gain access to the following free features.


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30% of people retain info primarily through audio – we created Deb8o so they could join the conversation too. This innovative platform supports audio-only interactions on current event stories, meaning that there is finally a way to comment on news stories without typing.Deb8o is free to install, easy to use, and even allows members to win monthly cash prizes for submitting popular stories. Download the app today to join the conversation and revolutionize the way we talk about the news.

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